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Branding and Typography
Branding and Typography

Design collaboration with Amira Low

Specialized Children Gym

Size: 300 SqM

Location: Ra'anana 

Gymix was a dream of Dr. Avni – Pediatric doctor and Head of child-eating disorder unit in "Dana" Tel Aviv Hospital. The idea was to create a gym aimed for overweight children that will be based on computer games and television as a springboard to draw children closer to physical exercise.

The space initially was a block of high tech offices that was transformed into an open space gym facility consisting of a reception area, waiting area, three offices, and bathrooms. Our aim was to convey an outer space experience to enhance the concept of a futuristic play area and not a gym while avoiding the concept of an arcade. Trying to appeal to a wide range of ages 6-18 that each age will feel intrigued and comfortable in it. Unlike other gyms, we did not incorporate any mirrors since the overall clientele is overweight kids who are not excited about viewing themselves working out.

Each workout position is designed around a screen and an acoustic overhead unit that allows for multiple stations to work simultaneously (since each station requires sound effects to enhance the workout experience). Each play station workout area is geared and designed to work on a different part of the body. The workout session is a circular route- Each group starts at station one and moves along the circle every 10 minutes moving on to the next station area. 

The Gym consists of an entrance that was designed to draw stimulate and intrigue the children to enter. It is met by a round space-age reception area that overlooks the entrance and entire gym. A waiting area was designed at the start point so each group can assemble and wait for there time slot and parents can wait on-site too without being seen by there kids. In the rear, there are three offices for a doctor, nutritionist, and therapist to use on a rotation basis and a manager's room which overlooks the premises.

The graphics too was designed by the interior designers and a graphic artist to convey fresh energetic clean movement which is the feel of interior space.

The floor was chosen to help with the acoustic problem on the one hand and stand in the line with the workout need keeping in line with the overall design scheme of child/teen-friendly.

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