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I'm Efrat Sela, interior architect, graduate of HIT- Holon Institute of Technology and owner of an interior design studio since 1995.

My studio offers design solutions for homes, apartments, offices, public spaces, and retail stores. A major part of my design process is dedicated to a sincere dialogue with my clients where I can hear and understand their requirements and needs and is aimed at reaching a tailor-made solution for them.

I accompany my clients throughout the entire process from the initial concept through offering creative and unique solutions that are tailored to their specific demands.

My design style is functional and clean, based on the principles of modernism while great attributing great respect to the specific surroundings and environment, as well as to the people that are going to occupy the space. I combine natural materials with technological innovation and minimalism with ethnic flavors.

In addition to my interior design profession, I'm a photographer, who takes her camera and tours various cultures, people, and countries, while using these experiences as sources of inspiration. I'm also a sports road cyclist, and I think that these three worlds complement each other and allow for a wider viewpoint which has a direct influence on my design work.

Looking forward to meeting with you


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אפרת סלע

"Don't make something unless it is both made necessary and useful, but if it is both necessary and useful, don't hesitate to make it beautiful"

The Shakers

2004  - Present - Efrat Sela - Interior Architect -  Designer, Owner 

2018   - Today - Member of the Board of the Rechter Center for Architecture association

2018   - Today - Holon Institute of Technology - Lecturer - Retail Space Design class

2005  - HIT- Holon Institute of Technology - Lecturer - Interior Design studio class

2004  - 2005 - Tel Aviv University - Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts,  toward an M. A. Degree

2000  - 2006 - Builders & Constructors Association -  Interior Design consultant

1996   - 2004 - Sela Tiruche - Interior Design - Co-Owner and Partner

1995   - Ilan Pivko  Architects - Designer

1994   - HIT - Holon Institute of Technology - Graduated with Honor


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