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The photograph freezes a moment in motion and gives me the opportunity to take another look at the material. I find myself fascinated and curious by the details of the textile and after several attempts, I found out that by printing on paper with its own texture I create an amazing combination of everything that ignited my senses.

An exciting dialogue is opened between the advanced digital media and crafts.

The Process: The photographic moment, manipulating the photo to such a degree that allows a natural connection to the embroidery work: delicate hand embroidery done meticulously with silk threads on the paper.

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The (new) dictionary of THINGS

New times require new ways of organizing, owning, utilizing and displaying everyday ordinary objects and THINGS. The current ongoing changes in our lives require adaptation and adjustment, a  fragile state that leaves many of us in confusion and self deliberation. Our homes take on new roles, therefore THINGS gain new definitions within new ever-changing hierarchies. We now ask ourselves what is necessary and what is not? What is essential? What do we actually need? What are the THINGS in life that we once thought we needed, and now we can leave behind? Consequently, what is the ultimate THING we cannot live without? 

This new dictionary consists of images of THINGS in two categories: Keepers and Throw-Aways. This dictionary displays a current, new order of THINGS.

It acts as a time-capsule of THINGS, an updated cabinet of curiosities.


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